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The sudden lost of data Read

@Orukwo Caleb     Revived Hope for Hustlers   Feeling Motivated     in Stabliz


In the realm of dreams where hustlers strive,
Believe in yourself, let hope revive.
Through streets of struggle, where sorrows dart,
A poor heart beats with a determined art.

In the echo of night, chasing elusive schemes,
Believe in the...Show more
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@Orukwo Caleb     Create the part to riches in a fertile nation    

The pursuit of wealth is a universal desire ingrained in the hearts of every individual. Saints, known for their selflessness, would express gratitude even if the source of wealth remains unknown. The overarching truth is that everyone aspires to...Show more
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@Orukwo Caleb     You will be strong if u believe    

Sampson became so powerful from the moment he understand his position relative to his weaknesses. He realized he needed super powers. That he received from the one who had commission him for a life of sacred service. He showed trust and had faith...Show more
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@SleekMacQueen     SMC fashion    


Hello everyone. My name is Raymond. Owner of SMC fashion hub. We're a fast growing fashion entity and would like you all to patronize us. Any kind of clothing from male to female. We make bag's and makes provisions for apprenticeships. We'll be...Show more
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@SleekMacQueen     Sport's criticism    


How i see him whenever he's on the pitch, especially being close to Stretford end of the Old Trafford. He's really annoying this time as this mistaken hoodlum for a footballer keeps on proving to us that we've made a wrong bargain in signing him...
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@SAMMY     Bright New idea   Feeling Motivated     in africa

Was just thinking of the possibilities of tapping into phones radio network IP and Imei address to track down missing phones.
just a food for thought
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@SleekMacQueen     Education    


Amongst all his set in Nollywood, he’s one of the smartest, successful and healthy actors ever liveth, when he realized Nollywood was not what it used to be, he had to switch it up and went back to school without minding his popularity and with...Show more
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@SleekMacQueen     Me and just me    


Tired legs.
Been trekking the whole time today
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@Al KhΓ₯lΓ­b     Why do people travel to space and what do they do there?    


Space, the final frontier. These famous words from the iconic Star Trek series have captivated our imagination for decades, fueling our curiosity about the unknown and inspiring generations of explorers. Human beings have always had an innate...Show more
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@Orukwo Caleb     How to become a successful entrepreneur   Feeling Motivated     in Nigeria

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is an exciting and rewarding journey that requires a combination of passion, dedication, and strategic thinking. While there is no single formula to guarantee success, there are several key principles and practic...Show more
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@H-Cavill     Project on humanity Liberation    

Having resolved to embark on a project on humanity Liberation, I sort for techniques that will enable me to express the components of my research in a simple and concise way. Starting with gathering hypothesis on the subject to identify the perspe...Show more
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@Orukwo Caleb     What a miss that was    


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@Orukwo Caleb     Suspected student boyfriend arrested over alleged killing of girlfriend    


The police in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, have arrested a suspect, Okoligwe Damian, over the alleged killing of a 300-level student of Biochemistry at the University of Port Harcourt, Justina Nkang.

Damian, a 400-level student of...Show more
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@Orukwo Caleb     Learn how to save life when cardiac arrest occurs    

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@Orukwo Caleb     Wahala    

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@Orukwo Caleb     The funniest guy   Feeling Excited     in Ogbogu

This guy deserve award πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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@Orukwo Caleb     Wonders of creations    


Look at how a tree has provided a shelter in an amazing way! Come rain come sun, no problem. The roots are stretched deep down the soil giving the house a perfect foundation. The branches is a perfect roofing because it not only covers the top of...Show more
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@Orukwo Caleb     De Patient - 2023 convention   Feeling Awesome     in Igwurita Ali PH


Me and my 3 beautiful ladies in blues. This na picture wey we take for just one moment, but the feelings go last for many years to come. I de pray make Jah help una to continue to de serve am with joy. And I de hope say una go de Patient till the...Show more
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@Orukwo Caleb     Fatherhood   Feeling Loved  


This is what fathers pass through at times. Show some respect!
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@Orukwo Caleb     Behind the scenes   Feeling Surprised  


Human are so amazing in creativity πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»
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