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The sudden lost of data Read

@Samuel Orukwo   Just want to post this here

Feeling Excited   in Ogbogu Town
How do I look

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@Orukwo Caleb   Is this true?

I fell badly before I could learn how to ride bicycle. I think I still have the injury scar on my back. What about u?

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@Prince   Feels good to be finally back to stabliz­čĺ¬

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@Orukwo Caleb   I have nothing to be afraid of!

Feeling Loved   in Earth
JEHOVAH, the great commander of the most formidable armed forces in the universe, because of his unbreakable bond of loyalty has always surrounded his loyal ones of the earth. He picked them up from the ashes heap, cleansed them with love, healed...Show more

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@Orukwo Caleb   I dispute the theory that AI robots are more intelligent than human

In the following video a AI robot and a technician claims that an AI robot is thousand times more intelligent than human.

Read my argument as I dispute that misleading theory!

Long ago, all scientist were made to believe that the universe...Show more

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@Amarachi   Contentment

  in Stabliz
I find nothing better in this life than appreciating what you have and be contented with it. If you can be happy with having just what you need, then you will be fine for who you are. Over anxieties and depressions are end product of desiring more...Show more
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@Orukwo Caleb   So Twitter is officially gone as the platform becomes X

New names and logos are often welcomed with excitement, especially when they meet the needs and reach the heart of fans / users. However, X the new name of the micro-blogging platform formally know as Twitter was welcomed with confusion.

Introd...Show more

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@Orukwo Caleb   Learn to work smart

Working hard means using your physical abilities and power to do hard work.
Working smart means using your mental abilities to make hard work easier.

Learn to work smart, then you will enjoy hard work!
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@Amarachi   Wise VS stupid

Wise person by Tecno spark 4
Stupid person buy iPhone 14

Wise buy a domain name
Stupid download WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tiktalk and YouTube apps.

Wise buy a 3gb monthly plan
Stupid buy 30gb monthly plan

Wise creates a...Show more
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@Amarachi   Life no balance

Some things in this life is very tiresome and complicated especially when things go against the normal way it should be. For instance, imagine a rich man who works very hard all day to make money and afford a good life for himself and family, will...Show more
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@Orukwo Caleb   Contentment is all about being you!

  in Ogbogu
Do you know that people always post the best part of their life in the social network? No body want to look the least. Some people even go beyond their means just to show display of lucrative standard so that they can impress others for likes and...Show more
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@Amarachi   This AI is just the centuries scientific mystery

Feeling Surprised   in AI
Modern designs fashioned with AI are beyond human imagination. I still wonder the brain behind this recent invention whether it's actually humans!

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@Amarachi   The time will come

There are times when life will not be worth living due to many complications that has resulted from misfortunes. You could even start contemplating ending it because you saw no reason to continue living when all the odds are going against you...Show more
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@Orukwo Caleb   The principle of destruction before development

Destruction has to take place before development follows. For example, in material development, if you want to build a house, you must either destroy many valuable plants to create a space where you can build or destroy some already existing...Show more
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@Gideon benjamen   Rare and apt proverbs

These are Some five rare and apt proverbs
1. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
2. Danger is the next neighbour to security.
3. Dogs that bark at a distance bite not a hand.
4. A drowning man will catch a straw.
5. Experience is the...Show more
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@Orukwo Caleb   A tiny secret in English

  in Rivers
Do you know that there are only 4 letters in the English alphabet that can join your lips together? None of these letters are found anywhere from numeric figure 1 to 999,999. The first appearance of one of those letters is in 1,000,000 (1 million)...Show more

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@Samuel Orukwo   Black is beautiful

  in River State
CBX's 1000

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@Orukwo Caleb   The greatest weapon

With this post I mean no offence, harm or gender discrimination to women, if you feel otherwise as I am not responsible for your feelings, I still apologise.


- Without them no life will exist...Show more
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@Chinos Richy   Feeling

Feeling Happy   in Rivers
Am feeling happy and excited
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@H-Cavill   Wildfire in Greece, thousands escaped

Thousands have escape the current wildlife in Greece caused by European heatwaves Arson. 1 death was recorded with many injured. The Greek government has set up one of the world's biggest rescue mission and many has benefited.
Our hearts are with...Show more

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