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@Gideon benjamen   Another five words of wisdom

Feeling Exited   in Earth
Another Five words from master's word
1: A wise man's word bring praise. But a foolish person's word bring destruction.
2: A foolish person is always talking about what he will do. But no one knows what will happen in future.
3: It is very bad...

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@H-Cavill   3 Wired things street hustlers think

Feeling Confused   in Nigeria
1. They imagine that they will pick up a huge amount of money in the road.

2. They dream about meeting a wealthy man who will feel pity for them and reward them with money that will change their lives.

3. They think that a wealthy person has...

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@Orukwo Caleb   Closing the chapter

Feeling Sad
I pity us who feel not more than what is proper for a woman, and fear playing with feelings for fun! Widening out with them as expected of anyone always ends in catastrophe! Everything you say or do will be understood otherwise - smile, care...
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@Amarachi   Some people has no conscience at all

Feeling Sad   in Nigeria
Some people act as if na them be the devil. Imagine say one man lost his wife in motor accident, after the burial the man no fit pay his house rent that expired that same month, na so the wickedness of a landlord no even give am notice just wake...

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@SAMMY   Only true fans knows

If u are a film liver you will recognize them all and movie they from::::

3 16

@SAMMY   Spiderman into the spider verse

The much awaited spiderman Miles morale chapter dropped, as expected broke all other spiderman movie record, it was expected to bring in $80m from ticket but went ahead to gross $120m in it's first week with amazing soundtracks from the legendary...

3 17

@SAMMY   New project

So lately I've been watching animes which I find interesting mostly the demon slayer corps, so I wrote a review about it here

#animecorner #weekendnews #bloodylierblogspot

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@SAMMY   Stabliz Grows

Feeling Blessed - Surprised   in Nigeria
I don't know if you noticed but this site is becoming bigger and better pls if you have friends that like good thing then bring them here, cause this is gonna be the next big thing.

4 25

@Orukwo Caleb   The earth is changing

A gentle rain will fall calmly upon the earth, the earth and its inhabitants will rejoice, breathing creatures will be refreshed, and little seedlings will sprout and spread its surroundings with beauty. A blossom season will be in expectation...

3 33

@Gideon benjamen   A collection of wise teachings

Feeling Exited   in Heaven
1: It is better to have a good name than good perfume. The day a person dies is even better than the day he is born.
2: It is even better to go to funeral than to a party. Why? Because all people must die and...
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@SAMMY   Beyonce brings out blue ivy on stage

Feeling Surprised   in France
American Superstar brings out her daughter blue ivy on stage, read full article here
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@Gideon benjamen   Celebrating friends birthday

Hello everybody oo
today is some of my friends birthday, and i am hoping for every everybody to help me wish them "happy birthday" and i want to wish you happy children's day. Thanks
2 22

@Orukwo Caleb   Greetings

Hi everyone, I just want to say a greeting to u all.

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@Samuel Orukwo   Good morning all

Feeling Confused - Surprised
In the letter, the student expressed his admiration for the teacher and confessed his affection.

In the note, the dude tried to convince the teacher that age has nothing to do with love while illuminating his plans to be a rich man in future.


3 36

@H-Cavill   The best league in the world

Feeling Surprised   in England

One of the most fascinating season in the history of the EPL ends on Sunday. With Manchester City already crowned champions for the 3rd time in a row after some scintillating performances towards to the end of the...

2 32

@Gideon benjamen   Words of wisdom

Some five few words from the words spoken by the master

1. A few words quietly spoken by a wise are much better than words shouted by a foolish rule.

2. Wisdom is better than sword and spears in war but one foolish person can destroy much...
2 27

@Mr Dark   Junior vs his father's shoes

You will not understand this one if you were born in 2000's😉😉😏😕

MAMA - Junior, why are you coming back from school by this time?

JUNIOR - *crying* Mama, they stole my exam fee.

MAMA - My piken, sorry, you hear? Clean your...
4 35

@Mr Dark   My babe has a new name

Feeling Confused   in Lekki
I called my babe sweetie, she was annoyed because she thinks that name is old school. I have a new, nice and gorgeous name for her. I will call her New Jerusalem Academy, because that school is the newest in Lagos. Girls don't be jealous!
4 40

@SAMMY   Cristiano Ronaldo cr7

Feeling Happy - Confused
Cristiano Ronaldo he inspired many and more unborn, chastised by the media but one of the best person you will meet in a club siuuuu

3 27

@SAMMY   Demon slayer s3

Feeling Exited - Happy   in Japan
This is the anime everyone hyping about it was worth a watch sha

4 42