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The sudden lost of data Read

@Uche     How are you       in Rivers state


I don’t know if someone already asked you this
question. If someone did, what did you answer? Did
you say the truth? Did you really mean the words
you utter? Or just like what you always do...Show more
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@Uche     Yourself       in Rivers state


“Talk to yourself like someone you love.”
3 389

@IDAN     Young Idan - Nature War    

this anime is still in production but gonna be a hit

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@Kehnwa Carl     Bride price    

Omor, bride price de depreciate well well this days when everything de appreciate, abi woman value de drop? Me I no understand oo
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@SparkyBee     Believe!       in rivers state


Been away for a while but hope to be steady this days.
Sometimes it does not require to work hard but also working smart.
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@Uche     21st century       in Rivers state

Where sex is free & love is costly.
Where loosing a phone is more painful than loosing your virginity.
Where modernization means nudity.
Where if you don't drink/smoke you're old fashioned.
Where boys flirt...Show more
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@Julie Marty     choose wisely       in Benin


That you bank your decisions to spend your life with a stranger👤 base off feelings or personal wants is a huge risk.

That institution (marriage) 🤵👰 can make or mar you.

The complexities of humans and their ability to change with...Show more
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@H-Cavill     Cancelation of the race game    

I'm very sad to announce the cancelation of the race game which was supposed to start next week. The reason is lack of interest, the least players I needed was 10, until now I have only 2 members registered. I sincerely apologize to those register...Show more
3 503

@Saint-P     Car for sale    


This car na for sale, I go soon collect the key. Dm me if u like am
2 324

@Amarachi     Come and see something    


2 drivers come down from their cars come start to fight each other because of accident way tear one of the car fuel tank. Plenty people gather go separate fight oo na in one aboki way de smoke weed enter join, as in just de near fire explode...Show more
3 425

@Uche     Ty       in Rivers state

(Dear Teenage You)

Broda uchez:: Young girls are "PRETTY" ,but I have to warn you
not to lose your "VIRGINITY" .
Dont allow what you see in your "VICINITY" confuse
you to go to the extent of breaking your wall of
Your "VIRGINIT...Show more
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@Kehnwa Carl     Many VS few       in Stabliz

Many want to know how to make money - few are working it out.

Many want to be rich - few are using many to enrich themselves.

Many see criticism as insult and hatred - few are using it to get better and become more productive.

Many are...Show more
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@Uche     Money 💰       in Rivers state

Women try as much as possible to make your money even if your husband is very supportive. His money ,our money and my money no be the same ooo..
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@Uche     Wifes       in Rivers state


1 Obey Him whether he is poor or rich.

2 Give him sex and food at the right time.

3 Love his parents whether they hate you or not

4 Pray for Him always.

5 Never insult, argue or fight him in the...Show more
3 403

@Orukwo Caleb     See food oo    

3 346

@Orukwo Caleb     SpaceX and innovation    

1 288

@Uche     Happy       in Rivers state


1. Put God first in your life.
2. Avoid thinking about your problems.
3. Believe that there is hope for a better life
4. Eat healthy foods.
5. Forgive those who offended you.
6. Engage in regular...Show more
3 442

@Uche     Content       in Rivers state

The quality of a man is not in his muscular build, likewise a woman's quality isn't in her figure. Container is good, but content is best.
Broda uchez
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@Orukwo Caleb     Social media busting for Hilda    

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@Okpor chizhim chijioke     Hakimi don finish e own, calaba chef don show    


Baci turn now o
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