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H-Cavill Race Registration

Welcome to H-Cavill Online Racing game on Stabliz. We are very excited that you will take part in this game. To get started you will need to register. That's not a problem, the registration form is below and it is very simple.

What you need to know
H-Cavill Racing Championship is a forum based online game that enables players to feel the fun of real life online racing as they play alongside other racers who like you are determined to win the championship either as an individual or a team. Each tournament has different rounds, you are expected to play in each of the rounds until a tournament ends.

Prices are awarded to the winner(s) at the end of the game.

Some tournaments will require registration fee, if it does you will have to pay the fee before you will be accepted to play.

You will find more information here

Game rules
By registering you concent to the following rules:

1. Points are awarded according to the time you post on the game thread, you will earn no point if you post later than 3 hours after the game thread appears on stabliz.

You must follow instructions regarding how to play accordingly, any mistakes will invalidate your performance.

Banter is allowed whereas, hateful speech, abusive, and insulting words are not allowed.

Bank details *
This will be used to pay you if you win the tournament and also validate your payment if registration fee is enabled. Leave empty if you have updated your bank details in your profile.
Racing Company*
Just for fun. Choose the company you will be representing in this tournament. NB: you will use your company vehicle throughout the tournament.